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My introduction to Mr Deo was via a recommendation. I had been on corticosteroids (often at quite high doses) for several years as part of a cancer treatment and this had resulted in severe Avascular Necrosis in the bone structures of both legs affecting the knee joints. Various visits to several specialists had resulted my being told that nothing could be done, despite the fact that I was in great pain and virtually crippled.
Mr Deo had a completely different approach. My first visit in January 2017 resulted in several x-rays, an examination and a consultation where he gave a full explanation of exactly what was wrong with me. The possible treatment (Full Replacement of both knees) was also explained in full, plus the details that quite a bit of work would have to be done to secure the new joints as the Femur and Tibia in both legs were affected by the Avascular Necrosis to varying degrees.
One month later I had my first Knee Replacement, followed some four months later by the second. Recovery in each case was relatively swift with Mr Deo following every development. All the possible pitfalls and problems had been fully explained to me, including exactly what could go wrong with these procedures. At no time did I feel that I was not in control as every decision was mine. After twelve months and another check-up with Mr Deo, I can honestly say that I have my life back again. I have gone from facing a life in a wheel-chair twelve months ago to being able to move freely around and get on with enjoying everything around me. Thank You.
John Phillips