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Today seems like a good choice to pen a short note of thanks to Sunny and his team. On Saturday I ran my fastest parkrun for over a year and on Sunday I ran my first off-road race since my operation and was less than a minute slower that I was two years ago at the same event.
It's been about 7 months since my surgery  - at 6 months things were good but still not quite right but in the last few weeks it really has come good. I think I did the right things, I was patient and listened to what the knee was saying, I got on my bike and really built up the muscle definition I'd lost, I’ve played the long game and didn't rush and I'm feeling great :)
The other reason today seemed like a good day is that my (deferred) London Marathon entry has just landed on my doormat - and I actually believe I can do it now, having spent most of the year not thinking that.
That small operation has made a massive difference to me and I'm very grateful.