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There can be no higher recommendation of a surgeon's abilities than that of a fellow-surgeon, which is how I came to discover Sandeep "Sunny" Deo at the Ridgeway Hospital and later the Shalbourne Suite in the great Western Hospital at Swindon.

I had been suffering from severe pain in my left knee for years, making walking almost unbearably painful, and later I had the same problems in the right knee, all resulting from a lifetime of squash, tennis, golf, and competitive skiing, none of which I would have missed for the world. My "rescuer", Dickie Glass, a cancer surgeon who I had met purely socially in France, saw me clambering agonisingly down a steep hill to meet him and other friends at a beach restaurant on the Mediterranean, and said he'd "test" my knee at the table, apologising when he then made me jump out of my skin! "Ah," he said, "you need a new knee! And I know the very best man to provide you with one. He's called Sunny Deo" And he gave me his number. I went to see him as soon as I got back to England.

I can only say that Mr Deo was magnificent. He made it at once clear that he is always reluctant to operate unless and until it is absolutely essential, so initially we tried some palliatives, but (perhaps predictably) they didn't work. He then said he wouldn't know until he opened my knee up whether I would need a whole or a half knee, so I signed an authority for him to do whatever was necessary. In the event he gave me a half-knee, which enjoys faster recovery and greater long-term flexibility.

When it became necessary to fix the other knee a couple of years later (they - the knees - had both of course led similar lives and suffered the same stresses, but one often goes wrong before the other) he repeated the same operation.

Both operations were a total success and today I wouldn't even know I have had them. Yes, Mr Deo warned me there would be post-operative pain, which there was, and he gave me lots of exercises to do to regain movement and flexibility, but the result is worth all the discomfort as it has transformed the quality of the rest of my life. I cannot recommend Mr Deo highly enough. He is charming, considerate, informative, meticulous, and a superbly able surgeon. One could not be in safer or more professional hands.

Robin Behar