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I have to start by conveying my sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr Deo for giving me my life back, for his utmost professionalism, his honesty and clarity in explaining things and for his caring attitude.  Before my half knee replacement my quality of life was almost non-existent.  Being in constant pain was making me extremely miserable and I spent a lot of time in tears not only because of the pain but lack of sleep.  The simplest of tasks such as housework, pushing a shopping trolley or walking the dog was becoming more and more difficult and frustrating.  I started to feel like an old woman before my time and not a once active woman in her late forties.  After several years of knee pain, sleepless nights and three arthroscopies Mr Deo agreed to perform a half knee replacement in December 2015.  The first six weeks were really hard going and initial recovery was extremely painful.  I am now two and half years down the line and am able to participate in sporting events I never ever thought I would be able to do again.  Since my knee replacement I now regularly attend Park Run, have completed several 10km running events, a 9.5 mile mud run, a Team 24 hour running event, cycling events and attend circuit and spinning classes twice a week.  I cannot thank Mr Deo enough, and would highly recommend him, he certainly knows what he is doing and does it exceptionally well. 

Thank you

Sally Robson